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Annual Subscription

$2,500 / License

A 12-month subscription service that includes updates and support while the subscription is active.

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When buying a subscription.

Well Shadow is sold based on a software as a service (SaaS) subscription model. This means that when you purchase a subscription, you have access to the software for 12 months from the date of purchase. During this time, you will receive updates and email support (two business day response). After the 12 month period you can choose to renew your subscription or let it expire.

What type of licenses are offered?

Well Shadow uses a license server, installed locally on your network, to manage license subscriptions. This means you can install Well Shadow on an unlimited number “client” computers, but you can only simultaneously run the number of license subscriptions you purchased. So, for instance, if you have purchased two license subscriptions you will only be able to have two users at any time using Well Shadow simultaneously. If a third user tries to start an instance of Well Shadow they will receive an error message that indicates all of the license subscriptions are currently being used by other users. Additional licenses may be purchased at any time.

Installation Instructions

Well Shadow is available in three different license types and all three are the same price

  1. Network license (most popular). This is a license that can be shared by many users on a network but the number of concurrent users is limited by the license count. This type of license requires that a small license server software application is installed in order to manage the license(s). This installation is slightly more complicated but we are here to help if you need it.
  2. Single Dedicated license. This license is dedicated to a specific computer. This type of license is useful if you have a single user or computer that is dedicated to using the software. The installation simple and no additional license server software is necessary.
  3. USB license. This license comes with a USB key that must be plugged into the computer in order for Well Shadow to run. This license type is useful if you want to use the license on multiple computers that aren’t always on a network, for example, a desktop in the office and a laptop in the field. This installation is simple and no additional license server software is necessary.

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