PetroCode Wellbore Diagram

Wellbore Diagram
Simple and Intuitive

Well Shadow is a standalone software package that allows users to create wellbore diagrams in minutes. Once created, the wellbore diagrams can be stored on a local PC using LocalDB or on a SQL Server database. Using Well Shadow not only provides you with a simple and intuitive wellbore diagram application, it also provides a platform for flexibility and consistency in data recording and storage throughout your company.

Compatible with Vertical
Directional and Horizontal Wells

Well Shadow provides directional survey data input or import capabilities. When users input a well’s directional data, a true 2D representation of the well will be drawn and displayed on the wellbore diagram.

PetroCode Multiple Diagram Versions

Multiple Diagram Versions and Duplication Feature

Retain Wellbore Diagram History: An unlimited number of diagrams can be created for each well allowing users to retain a fully documented history of each phase of the well’s life; from initial completion to recompletion or a major workover, each version captures a snapshot of what the well looked like at the time.

When various well sites or drilling activity is similar, our “Duplicate” feature improves the efficiency of data input by allowing template wells to be created and copied with ease. The duplicate feature makes a copy of the template well and then the user need only to adjust the details to match the new well’s specifications.

PetroCode Wellbore Diagram Reporting

Wellbore Diagram Reporting

Well Shadow provides detail diagram reports and directional survey reports. “Diagram only” reports are also available when providing reports to governing agencies or other necessary organizations.

PetroCode Import/Export Features

Import/Export Features Provide Easy Data Migration

Our Import data feature allows users to import all data including CSV files using a flat file importer.

Our export feature allows data to be exported to both XLS and XLSX programs or printed as PDF files.

When working offline or away from the network, users can export data to a Well Shadow Diagram or WSD file that is easily transferred from one computer, or user to another. Any edits to the WSD files made while working offline can be saved back to the network database once connected.

PetroCode File Links

File Links

Our wellbore diagram software also features options to link files. This feature enables users to link other information about a well from various sources including PDF files, Word Documents, Excel Documents, web page links, etc. Providing access to links outside of the software application itself allows data to be organized and quickly retrieved from one location.

PetroCode Supports Oil Field Units and SI Units

Supports Oil Field Units and SI Units

Our Well Shadow options support both oil field units and SI units. Users are able to select units for each dimension and set desired default units.

PetroCode Customizable Header Fields

Customizable Header Fields

Our wellbore diagram software features fully customizable header fields. This feature allows users to create and name specific labels as well as control the input masks. Providing users the ability to generate custom header options enhances accessibility and visibility of preferred data.

PetroCode Extensive Tool List

Extensive Tool List

In order to create a fully customizable program, our wellbore diagram software accounts for various tool types that can be added into the wellbore diagram application.

Our tool list is extensive and constantly expanding. For a full list of items that can be included in the wellbore diagram.

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